Marakatti in English

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Welcome to Family Center Marakatti!

Marakatti Family Center is a meeting place for all families that have children younger than 7 years. We speak Finnish and English.

You are most welcome to take part in our free activities for children and parents together. We have varying activities, such as crafts, exercise and music. Also a posibility to learn and practice
Finnish and have moments of discussion about parenting and raising a child. You can have your own lunch with you.

Opening hours

Mondays 10–12 & 13–15 

Family café
Tuesdays 9–12 & 13–15

Thursdays 9–12 & 13–15

Fridays 9–12

Contact information

Perhetalo Heideken
Sepänkatu 3, Turku
044 710 9520